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Dog Walking & Pet Sitting


Walking Paws offers an ALL INCLUSIVE rate structure for pet sitting.  This helps to maintain client value with NO add-on fees for 2+ pets, administering medication, weekend visits, late bookings, multiple cat boxes, or watering plants!  Clients are paying for our time and we will do our best to accommodate almost anything you need without incurring an extra charge. 


Pets Over TwoAs long as we can care for all of your pets properly in 30 minutes there is no extra charge.  We will let you know ahead of time if extra time is needed


Each morning, Walking Paws' pet sitting software will email schedules to our valued, local & experienced employees to avoid any errors. Clients can add notes to their pet care providers on each visit, book any of our services, and enter their credit card information for billing.  Payment is due on the last day of service and only for services rendered.  Pet owners will not be charged for their initial consultation.



Per Visit Rates for Dog Walking & Pet Sitting

30 Minute Visit                                                    $22

45 Minute                                                            $33

60 Minute Visit                                                     $40

Subcutaneous Fluids  ~  $15 (added to the cost of your visit)

Lock Box Rental                                                      $20

 http://www.walkingpaws.net/images/paws.gif Providing exceptional pet care to NOVA for 12+ years!http://www.walkingpaws.net/images/paws.gif


Monthly Contracted Rates for Dog Walking & Pet Sitting

Unlike most sitters who charge owners up front, Walking Paws charges at the end of a four-week billing period.  After the pet care services have been provided and only for rendered services.

We allow owners to cancel (free of charge) up to three hours prior to the scheduled services. Walking Paws will never cancel a scheduled service as we always provide trained backup caretakers that you will have the opportunity to meet first. We are always available when you need us; call any time, day or night.

Contracted Rates are for MIDDAY WALKS on Monday Friday (10am-4pm)

30 Minute Visit                                             $18

45 Minute Visit                                              $27

Contracted Rates apply for weekly clients with at least TWO Monday Friday (10am-4pm) visits per week.   Email shannon@walkingpaws.net and ask about our $20 On-Call rate.


Overnight Stays

We will stay in your home overnight with your pets. Service is provided from 8PM 8 AM with walks when we get there and before we leave in the morning. All of the Pet Care and Home Security Services listed for Pet Sitting will be provided. If you need alternate times just ask and we will try and accommodate.                  

Overnight Stay                                                     $80

Overnight Stay w/ midday 30 minute visit           $100


Additional Charges

Visits before 7AM or after 9PM add               $10

Holiday Fee                                                         $20

(One-time fee on 1/1, Easter, Memorial Day, 7/4, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, 12/24, 12/25, 12/31 only.)

Key Pick-Up / Drop                                           $15

Return Check Fee                                               $30

Late Payment Fee (15 days after last day of service)             $15